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Galactic Winds by Robert Carty, from Starlight Volume 2

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This masterpiece from 2009 is track 1 from the second in his series called “Starlight,” inspired by the magical experience of long nights of stargazing. This warm, flowing and spectacular space music conveys the peace that comes from a galactic perspective. The first 7 pictures, after the album and artist shots, are by Carty, from his deep sky images site. The remainder were created by artists who uploaded to the yahoo flickr website, including Levi Boree, Daniel Holeman, and many others. My kudos to them.
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Music and album art copyright 2009 by Robert Carty.

Ecstatic Dance Meditations – Live music from Urubu

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Urubu’s Ecstatic Dance Revolution!
featuring live music from the Urubu Collective.

“The UK’s first ecstatic dance band!”
Musicians include Ian Ritchie, Millie Moonstone, Tadeuz Palosz and Seth also featuring special guests.

The Urubu Collective was formed in 2008, and since then we have been running our unique events twice a month, in the centre of London! Our events are high energy ecstatic dance meditations that are fun, trans-formative and deep!

In our events you are invited to dance and release your body into its natural state of ecstasy. Our intention is self-exploration, connection, healing, “FUN” and community building through freestyle ecstatic dance.

Dance sessions are guided by Seth, a trained Trance Dance facilitator with over 15 years experience of dance and active meditations. Weaving transformational tools such as Bioenergetics, Shaking Medicine and “the Art of Being” into our events, The Urubu Collective empowers us to shout out, “Yes!” to all that we are. U-R-U-B-U (You are you, Be you!)

The Urubu Collective is a unique collaboration between seven musicians. Playing a fusion of world rhythms, voice, didgeridoo and electronica, Urubu create a unique space for you to dance your body into its natural state of ecstasy!
“Urubu (you are you, be you) has taken London by storm with their monthly Ecstatic dance events – a musical journey through dance, breath and meditation. Take a journey with them!”
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Kodo – “O-Daiko” – HD (japanese drummers – Taiko – tambours géants Japon)

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A Message to the Victims and Survivors of the Tohoku Earthquake & Tsunami :

Thanks to (Merci à)
Ōdaiko : One of the most memorable drums of many taiko ensembles is the ōdaiko (大太鼓). For many, the ōdaiko solo is the embodiment of power due to the size of the drum, the volume, and the endurance it takes to perform. The ōdaiko is the largest drum of all taiko, if not the entire world. The largest ōdaiko are too big to move and permanently reside inside a temple or shrine. Ōdaiko means “big taiko”, but within any group, it describes the largest drum in an ensemble, which could mean 12 inches (300 mm) in diameter or 12 feet (3.7 m) in diameter. Made from a single piece of wood, some ōdaiko come from trees that are hundreds of years old.…)
Kodō (鼓童?) is a professional taiko drumming troupe. Based on Sado Island, Japan, they have had a role in popularizing taiko drumming, both in Japan and abroad. They regularly tour Japan, Europe, and the United States.
Although the main focus of the performance is taiko drumming, other traditional Japanese musical instruments such as fue and shamisen make an appearance on stage as do traditional dance and vocal performance. Kodo’s performance include pieces based on the traditional rhythms of regional Japan, pieces composed for Kodo by contemporary songwriters, and pieces written by Kodo members themselves. The numbers that Kodo perform can change from concert to concert. Kodo’s performance normally lasts for about one hour and forty minutes.
In Japanese the word “Kodo” conveys two meanings: “heartbeat” the primal source of all rhythm and, read in a different way, the word can mean “children of the drum,” a reflection of Kodo’s desire to play their drums simply, with the heart of a child.
Kodo strives to both preserve and re-interpret traditional Japanese performing arts. From worldwide tours and research trips, Kodo brings back to Sado world music and experiences which now exert a strong influence on the group’s performances and compositions. They also collaborate with other artists and composers.
Since their debut at the Berlin Festival in 1981, Kodo have given over 3,100 performances on five continents, spending about a third of the year overseas, a third touring in Japan and a third resting and preparing new material on Sado Island.

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