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Sedona1111 – Foundation 174hz – Ancient Solfeggio Frequencies

sedona111114 videos

Solfeggio Frequency 174hz,Please watch in high quality and use headphones for more of a effect 馃檪

Pharoah Sanders – Astral Travelling

NOTE:聽 If you are a student of Jazz creative process, there is much to discover on this very beautiful and spiritual track.聽 Suggestion – On a second listen, (1st is for the love of Jazz), get pen and paper, stop and start frequently. Try to note details of what is going on in the music. What holds this music event together?聽 What scales or modes do you hear?聽 Any repeated motifs (licks, riffs)? How does Pharoah shape his phrases?聽 Which moments take you to that special place? Look for details.聽 Do all of the musicians together as One Creative Consciousness?聽 Try deep listening to achieve deep learning.

Peace Child

tuberider1976230 videos

Ambient Mix – Astral Travel – Beyond Deep Space – by NAKPsy

NOTE:聽 Try listening with very large headphones to get a full immersion experience.聽 In Ambient/Space music, tonality, rich instrumental sonorities are are felt pulsating in resonance with your body and spirit. This is not melodic music, but rather, textural.聽 These pieces can be long. Recommend several listenings a, at first, Hopping between tracks. I close my eyes, blocking out immediate environment. The sensation is that of interdimensional travel.聽 Namaste, my friend.

NAKpsy9 videos

01. Steve Roach – Dream Body (0:00)
02. Andrew Forrest – Liquid Light (11:00)
03. David Helpling & Jon Jenkins – Beyond Words (28:25)
04. David Helpling & Jon Jenkins – No More Than Ever (31:25)
05. _Algol_ – Last Minutes of Dying Star (40:52)
06. Andrew Forrest – Alchemy of the Heart (49:10)
07. Rudy Adrian – Three Views Of A Japanese Garden, Part 2 (Live) (01:04:30)

Art by Charles Frizzell.

New Age Consciousness – Yurima – Golden Collection

(00:00:00) (01) River Flows in You
(00:03:03) (02) I
(00:07:08) (03) May Be
(00:11:04) (04) Love Me
(00:15:05) (05) It’s Your Day
(00:18:43) (06) Do You?
(00:22:47) (07) As You Wish
(00:25:38) (08) Chaconne
(00:29:28) (09) Indigo
(00:32:31) (10) Sometimes…Someone
(00:36:48) (11) The Sunbeams… They Scatter
(00:40:39) (12) Destiny Of Love
(00:45:24) (13) -korean title 1-
(00:48:50) (14) -korean title 2-
(00:52:15) (15) One Day Diary
(00:59:47) (16) Ribbonized
(01:05:12) (17) What Beautiful Stars
(01:08:00) (18) Sky
(01:11:46) (19) Journey
(01:15:38) (20) Hope

Pictures from ‘Plastic Days’ Exhibition, Museum of Steel Art, Pohang, March 10-May 20 (2012).

Sun – Phi Sonic Solar System – By The Template

planetware15 videos

“SUN” by The Template
Music released on CD “PHI SONIC SOLAR SYSTEM”

The music is inspired by the Swiss mathematician and musicologist Hans Cousto and his book “The Cosmic Octave”. In his desire to consciously attune himself to harmonious cosmic rhythms Cousto calculated the sound frequencies of the Sun and the planets through the process of applying the “Law of the Octave” to “period phenomena”. Each sound used to create this music is micro-tuned to within one cent of a semi-tone. The frequencies are analyzed and adjusted with special computer software.

The concert pitch of “Sun” is based on C = 126.22 Hz which corresponds to the gravitational lenght of the sun:


Sacred geometry architects Jiva & Juliet Carter conceived and constructed the geometries that form the resonant harmonics that calibrate to the Sun and 7 planets of our solar system.

Through resonant feedback, each of the 8 tones and their corresponding geometric forms reconnect circuits of electromagnetic “Source Consciousness” into the Human Field. These 8 circuits enter the body and feed into the endocrine system.

The music is composed and performed by J眉rgen Taruna; co-composition and supervision by Jiva Carter.… (German)

Robert Slap – Eternal OM – Mandala of Golden Buddha

懈胁邪薪 泻17 videos

Kelly Howell – Cosmic Love – Guided Meditation

Dubstarlove20 videos

Harmonically layered binaural beat frequencies best listened to through headphones.
10 Things You Can Do to Help Your Kundalini Process:…

Larri Lopez – Entering The Temple – Solfeggio 741 Hz – Developing Intuition

highermusic32 videos

Get your free track at – This is a free track from the double album “Journey To Atlantis”, a guided meditation (including and instrumental version) created by Matthew Joyce and me, J.S. Epperson. This section is based on the Solfeggio 741 Hz frequency for developing intuition and includes binaural beats and isochronic pulses to entrain your brain to a deeply meditative Theta rhythm.

Aeoliah – Celestial Sanctity

TheAztecLastTwo2 videos

A帽o: 1985
Album: Angel Love
Autor: Aeoliah
Genero: New Age

528 Hz – Love Frequency Healing – DNA Repair

Monoatomic Gold27 videos…… 鈽呪槄鈽呪槄鈽呪槄鈽呪槄鈽呪槄鈽 528 hz love frequency 528 hz DNA frequency 528 hz meditation 528 hz frequency transformation and miracles dna repair 528 hz love healing awakening 528 hz frequenz 528 hz music

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