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Sacred Geometry Part 156 Vortex Based Mathematics

I found these beautifull teachings and images and decided to make a little collection of videos, there is only one image on each video, so you have time to meditate on it,some images will be a little hard to read, but all clear images used can be downloaded at

PHi, the Golden ratio

Sacred Geometry: the Cosmic Dance of Harmony  –  School Of Sacred Geometry .org  

Sacred Geometry is currently re-discovered as a knowledge KEY for shifting to a new paradigm of universal wholeness and loving inter-connectedness with the Web of Life. Traditional wisdom holds the universe to exist because of a profound harmonic order. From the quantum vacuum to atoms to DNA to galaxies, certain precisely reoccuring ratios and geometric symmetries are the foundation of the whole cosmos.

The Golden Ratio, as exemplified in the Fibonacci series and the Platonic Solids, is the pulse and power orchestrating “Cosmos”. Etymologically, the Greek word “cosmos” means order & beauty and refers to a universe perceived as a “divine ornament”.

The contemporary faces of Sacred Geometry are called: Design Science, Fractality, Invariance-scale Physics, Phi Recursiveness, Hyper-Harmonics, Self-Similarity and Quantum Geometry…

The study, understanding & applications of Sacred Geometry in nature and in consciousness offers a needed and substantial gift: to open our human awareness to perceive again a living, interconnected, intelligent and benevolent universe.  Sacred Geometry is the collective re-appearance of our deep innate wisdom: seeing and becoming the all-encompassing Unity of Life…

… so that the heavens can be understood as spiritual realms preceding and continuing life on earth; harmonic chords can be played by celestial bodies choreographing graceful time-space dances; the “Big Bang” can be heard as the Primordial Song of the Universe and each star can be smiling to each flower… while the human family is holding hands with all of creation…

What is Sacred Geometry?

Sacred Geometry is the perennial sacred art-science dedicated to the study and applications of the Harmonic power of the Golden Ratio Phi, its creative expression the Fibonacci Cascade, and the symbolic Shapes, Patterns & Numbers that constitute the language of nature & consciousness as a universal code of creation.

Sacred Geometry is an ancient-future cosmic wisdom we are fast reclaiming. Under the new labels of Design Science, Fractal Harmonics, DNA Resonance and Scale-Invariance Physics, we are walking again the higher turn of humanity’s spiritual spiral.

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