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Pharoah Sanders – Astral Travelling

NOTE:  If you are a student of Jazz creative process, there is much to discover on this very beautiful and spiritual track.  Suggestion – On a second listen, (1st is for the love of Jazz), get pen and paper, stop and start frequently. Try to note details of what is going on in the music. What holds this music event together?  What scales or modes do you hear?  Any repeated motifs (licks, riffs)? How does Pharoah shape his phrases?  Which moments take you to that special place? Look for details.  Do all of the musicians together as One Creative Consciousness?  Try deep listening to achieve deep learning.

Peace Child

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Soulful Jazz Meditation – Lorenz Kellhuber Trio

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Lorenz Kellhuber Trio live 2012 | Jazz, Piano | 55 Arts Club Berlin
Enjoy the whole concert at

Filmed and recorded on Apr 12, 2012.

Together with Anre Huber on bass and Gabriel Hahn on drums, Lorenz Kellhuber (piano) has been making his own compositions for the first time on stage and on CD since 2011. Born in 1990, Kellhuber belongs without question to the best and most interesting newcomers in Germany. By the age of eleven he was a student of the piano and violin, at sixteen he was awarded with the “Kulturförderpreis Bezirk Oberpfalz”. Since his graduation in 2006 Kellhuber has been studying at the jazz institute in Berlin. He has played concerts Europe-wide and has worked with Adrian Mears, Johannes Enders and many others.


55 Arts Club GmbH
Salzufer 15-16
10587 Berlin

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