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Zuni Sunrise Song – Native American Meditation Flute

siyotanka4you·16 videos

Sunyata – The Shore Beyond

Humanityhealing·249 videos

For the article accompanying this video, visit

A Lemurian Chant

MuseOfAquarius·95 videos

Bradford Tilden sings an ancient Lemurian Chant of blessings and Gratitude. Recorded during a concert in Sao Domingos de Rana, Portugal, on November 6, 2009. For more information about Bradford and his channeled healing music with his voice and crystal bowls, visit

Dream Walker – Music Consciousness

Sat Chit Ananda·22 videos

Awakening Bliss Kundalini Rising Meditation Dream Peace Love

Bashar – High Music Vibration – Hangdrum

GalacticTone·20 videos


from Plus 20 hours ago all audiences

Short movie about nothing, just the outdoors walk. Canon 7D, FCP, music by Brian Crain

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