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John Singer – Zen Music for Shakuhachi

BestofEastWest·126 videos

John Singer, master Shakuhachi (Japanese bamboo flute) teacher, recording artist, and former Shakuhachi instructor at the University of Hawaii, has performed music on the Japanese bamboo flute throughout the world since 1975. John specializes in Zen Buddhist solo pieces (called “Honkyoku”), playing extremely rare historical Shakuchachi, hundreds of years old. He played several of these at East West, transporting many to a distant and very beautiful time and place.

Pastor Solitario – Andean Fusion

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Pastor Solitario – Musica Andina en melodias Inka del PERU

Pastor Solitario – Andean Fusion

Lost Temple by Robert Carty

Eric Meece·45 videos

Part 2 of this exotic temple of sound. In part 1, a procession of monks enters the lost temple as they play a jam of bells, drums and horns, and then begin chanting. The koto sound calls us to stillness. In part 2, in this video, we pass through a vibrant koto dance ceremony and then ever deeper into meditation and cosmic consciousness. Few pieces of music give us such a vivid and beautiful encounter with these powerful spiritual spaces. From the CD Plateaus of Ether (1999).
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Music and album art copyright 1999 by Robert Carty.

Within Love by Robert Carty; romantic, ambient space music

Mystical Journey

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Based on the medieval Dies Irae theme, this song represents a fantasy style deeply relaxing music, combined with unique nature scenes, taken far away from the ‘real’ world. Just sit back and relax to the stress relief music, a product of great love and inspiration..

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Composed & Performed by Georgii Cherkin


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composed and produced by WAYNETOVEN

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