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Ambient Space Music by Super Fata | Structural Tendency III | Structural Tenency

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The longest of the pieces in the project “Structural Tendency”, this long-form ambient piece is the core of the project, the main piece that all the other pieces relate to, one way or another. I hope you enjoy this journey as much as I enjoyed creating it! Please notice that this is an early version of the piece.

“Structural Tendency” has grown immensely through these months and will be the Super Fata debut album. The album was mastered the 9th of January in Oslo, and will be released in mp3, wave, ogg vorbis and CD format later on the label Origo Sound.

I also want to say a big “thank you” for the great feedback on this video, there are so many great comments, and though I cannot answer them all, they are very much appreciated.
Thanks for listening! And don’t forget to rate, comment, subscribe or recommend this to other ambient/experimental music lovers; we are, after all, quite a rare breed.

– Jan Roos / Super Fata

Sacred Earth Music – Om Namaa Shviya

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Sun – Phi Sonic Solar System – By The Template

planetware·15 videos

“SUN” by The Template
Music released on CD “PHI SONIC SOLAR SYSTEM”

The music is inspired by the Swiss mathematician and musicologist Hans Cousto and his book “The Cosmic Octave”. In his desire to consciously attune himself to harmonious cosmic rhythms Cousto calculated the sound frequencies of the Sun and the planets through the process of applying the “Law of the Octave” to “period phenomena”. Each sound used to create this music is micro-tuned to within one cent of a semi-tone. The frequencies are analyzed and adjusted with special computer software.

The concert pitch of “Sun” is based on C = 126.22 Hz which corresponds to the gravitational lenght of the sun:


Sacred geometry architects Jiva & Juliet Carter conceived and constructed the geometries that form the resonant harmonics that calibrate to the Sun and 7 planets of our solar system.

Through resonant feedback, each of the 8 tones and their corresponding geometric forms reconnect circuits of electromagnetic “Source Consciousness” into the Human Field. These 8 circuits enter the body and feed into the endocrine system.

The music is composed and performed by Jürgen Taruna; co-composition and supervision by Jiva Carter.… (German)

Hidden World – Jonn Serrie – Gary Stroutsos

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Ethereal Gateway – John Serrie

illuminatedEntity·49 videos

Music by Jonn Serrie – Deep Mystery

Robert Rich – Somnium

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Somnium (2001) is an album by the American ambient musician Robert Rich. It is a seven-hour album on a DVD-video and is based on Rich’s sleep concert series of the early 1980’s. Like those concerts, the music on this album was composed to influence the dreams and pre-REM hypnogogic visions of the listener. For this purpose it is suggested that the volume be kept down to the threshold of perceptibility, ideally with speakers surrounding the listener’s bed. Rich also recommends this album for conventional listening.

Cosmic Love Guided Meditation {Theta Waves} ~ Kelly Howell

Dubstarlove·18 videos

Harmonically layered binaural beat frequencies best listened to through headphones.
10 Things You Can Do to Help Your Kundalini Process:…

Intergalactic Path – Ambient / Psybient / Psychill Mix

spacemind2012·42 videos

01). Between Interval – Aerolith (0:005:00)
02). ATOI – Devotion (Intro) (5:006:00)
03). Chronos – Sky Path (6:0016:50)
04). H.U.V.A. Network – Dissolving Time (16:5022:40)
05). Side Liner – My Guardian Angel (22:4029:00)
06). Aes Dana – Perimeters (29:0038:30)
07). Cell – Calling (38:3047:00)
08). Sync24 – Cryptobiosis (47:0051:30)
09). Solar Fields – Das Bungalow (51:3056:30)
10). Irukandji – Whales Street (56:301:03:40)
11). Ishq – Bhakti (1:03:401:14:00)

Entheogenic – Entheogenic (2002)

Ezechiel2012·66 videos

01 – Level One 0:00 (10.01)
02 – Light Ocean Blue 10:01 (8.34)
03 – We Are One 18:36 (7.38)
04 – Beyond Zero 26:14 (7.31)
05 – Astral Cave 33:46 (6.46)
(Keyboards: Amandine Bousquet, Vocals: Thaïs)
06 – Liquid Universe 40:32 (7.21)
07 – Yage 47:53 (7.52)
08 – Earth Song 55:46 (7.28)
09 – Absolute Love 63:12 (6.49)

Proton Kinoun – Apeiron [HQ]

Ezechiel2012·66 videos

01 – Skyward Dreams (00:00)
02 – Silver Satellite (8:32)
03 – Peripheral System (20:42)
04 – Stars Wobbling… (26:32)
05 – …Life’s Bubbling (35:22)
06 – Light Echoes (45:57)
07 – Illimitable (55:50)

Listen @ 720p for best audio quality.

Apeiron marks the formal debut of Proton Kinoun (Kasper Weensgaard), a Danish ambient producer, on Ektoplazm’s new ambient and downtempo sublabel, Omnitropic. This album is a mixture of deep drifting soundscapes, beatless ambient atmospheres, thick airy pads, and throbbing, liquid electronic percussion. Inspired by the breathtaking images of our universe captured by the sharp eyes of the Hubble Space Telescope, Apeiron is a meditative exploration of the quickening of life on cosmic scales of space and time. The use of headphones and complete darkness is recommended for a completely immersive listening experience! Mastered by Akhentek with artwork by Basilisk.

Released under a Creative Commons licence for noncommercial usage.
You are encouraged to share, copy, broadcast, and perform this release! Be sure to visit for more high-quality free downloads.

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