Music Creation At The Consciousness Level



Welcome To   Conscious Vibrations Blog!  

This a companion site to   I Write The   a  music  directory for composers, songwriters  &  improvisers.

Conscious  Vibrations  Blog   ventures into  creation consciousness  –  by composers, songwriters, improvisers,  creative musicians.

A   Divine  Spark  of  Creation   lies within  each of us.   Your heart energy and Higher Self  access the great power of the Zero Point Field.

We Are All One    is a shared consciousness  with the community of    beings of love and light    we call humanity.   We are co-creators loving and sharing our creative energies for the pure joy of it all.

Please share your thoughts with us.  Posting as a guest is possible.  With a seeking spirit and a lot of love,  let’s create Music!

Duane Peck   –  Bachelor of Music degree from  Boston Conservatory of music,  Composition Major,  1969

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