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Deep Tibetan meditation music

Ambient music for deep contemplation. Images from Google.

Artist: Gregor Theelen
Song: Shamanic Tree of Worlds
Album: Journey to Tibet

Open To Your Light Heart

Jiiva Dhâra·23 videos

Follow your heart lotus.
Fill the world with peace and love.

The Song of Consciousness ~ words of love & wisdom from Quan Yin

“Your experience is the result of your expression.”
Words of wisdom from Quan Yin

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“Ask yourself where you want to focus on! Even in the midst of 3dimensional suffering there is this Joy, always, always, if you change your focus, if you allow your heart to open. This Joy always exists, it is Eternal and you are ALWAYS free to participate in It. “
Message from the Andromedan Galaxy
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Kitaro – Chinese Bamboo Flute

Basho Matsuo

An old silent pond…

A frog jumps into the pond,

splash! Silence again.

Yosa Buson

A summer river being crossed

how pleasing

with sandals in my hands!

Natsume Soseki

Over the wintry

forest, winds howl in  rage

with no leaves to blow.

Crystal Bowl Meditation

 Images for  Crystal Bowl Meditations


Energy Healing Through Crystal Bowl Meditation   –   By


    Have you ever attended a crystal bowl meditation? If so, were you able to ‘lose yourself’ in the essence of the bowls? There is nothing quite like this experience for realigning the energy fields of the human system described as your chakras. Science has long known that sound produces changes in the autonomic, endocrine, immune and neuropeptide system. Scientists now believe that every human atom, cell, gland and organ both emit and absorb sound. A relaxed body, and its brain waves, vibrates at a fundamental frequency, aligning us with the Earth’s own electromagnetic field.  

So, let’s speak about the Chakra system of the human body. Chakras are measurable patterns of electromagnetic activity. Each chakra reflects essential aspects of consciousness, forming the master programs that govern life, love, learning and illumination. Anodea Judith in her book Wheels of Life, writes:

“Chakras can be open, closed or any of the various stages in between. These states may be basic aspects of someone’s personality throughout most of their life, or something that changes from moment to moment, in response to a situation. An ailing chakra may be unable to change its state easily, being “stuck” in either an open or a closed state. Then the chakra needs healing, by uncovering and removing whatever is blocking it.” Each chakra center is associated with not only a specific ‘tone’ of the musical scale, but also, with a corresponding color. 

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Steve Roach—Infinite Shore

Steve Roach, Composer   –   Wikipedia


Steve Roach (born February 16, 1955 in La Mesa, California)[1] is a U.S. composer and performer of ambient and tribal-ambient music, whose recordings are also classified in the genres of space, drone, New Age, and electronic music. Roach is recognized as one of the “leading innovators of contemporary electronic music.”[2]

Roach plans on releasing three new collaboration albums for the remainder of 2012,[3] along with the solo album Soul Tones, expected to be released mid-December of 2012. Soul Tones is the first part of a three-CD project. The second album, Flow States, is expected to be released in the spring, and the third album will follow later in the year. The timed releases are meant to incorporate the music into the seasons  

Roach taught himself to play the synthesizer[5] after being inspired by such influential synthesizer artists and groups as Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze, and Vangelis. His debut album Now appeared in 1982, followed by Structures from Silence in 1984. In 1988 he released his acclaimed Quiet Music series, along with what has been described by critics as his masterpiece, the double-album Dreamtime Return.[5]

As Roach’s approach to ambient music matured, he has typically[6] been beatless, although his rhythmic and trance-based groove and tribal-ambient releases are nearly as numerous[6] as his more atmospheric releases. Some recordings are strictly synthesizer based, whereas some recordings include ambient guitar experiments, and other releases cross over with more ethnic influences.

He was an early proponent[7] of the didgeridoo‘s use in ambient music and learned to play it during his extended trips to Australia during the 1980s. Later work with Mexican musician Jorge Reyes would introduce a Prehispanic element, and these fusions would further

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Steve Roach on YouTube   –  Search  –  Channel    

YT  –  “As a pioneering cornerstone of ambient-atmospheric-electronic music, internationally-renowned artist Steve Roach has dedicated over three decades to exploring myriad soundworlds that connect with a timeless source of inspiration. From the expansive, time-suspending spaces reflecting his spiritual home in Arizona to the fire breathing, rhythmic-shamanic expressions woven from all things electric and organic, Roach has earned his position in the international pantheon of major new music artists through a long list of groundbreaking recordings, fueled by his prolific nature and uncompromising approach.”

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