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Ecstatic Dance Meditations – Live music from Urubu

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Urubu’s Ecstatic Dance Revolution!
featuring live music from the Urubu Collective.

“The UK’s first ecstatic dance band!”
Musicians include Ian Ritchie, Millie Moonstone, Tadeuz Palosz and Seth also featuring special guests.

The Urubu Collective was formed in 2008, and since then we have been running our unique events twice a month, in the centre of London! Our events are high energy ecstatic dance meditations that are fun, trans-formative and deep!

In our events you are invited to dance and release your body into its natural state of ecstasy. Our intention is self-exploration, connection, healing, “FUN” and community building through freestyle ecstatic dance.

Dance sessions are guided by Seth, a trained Trance Dance facilitator with over 15 years experience of dance and active meditations. Weaving transformational tools such as Bioenergetics, Shaking Medicine and “the Art of Being” into our events, The Urubu Collective empowers us to shout out, “Yes!” to all that we are. U-R-U-B-U (You are you, Be you!)

The Urubu Collective is a unique collaboration between seven musicians. Playing a fusion of world rhythms, voice, didgeridoo and electronica, Urubu create a unique space for you to dance your body into its natural state of ecstasy!
“Urubu (you are you, be you) has taken London by storm with their monthly Ecstatic dance events – a musical journey through dance, breath and meditation. Take a journey with them!”
for information about our events visit us @


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