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Consciousness Music – Ocean Blue – New Earth Rising – Dolphin Dreaming

Johann Kotze·24 videos

Soundtrack:… (Track 3 of Part 1 “Living the New Earth”)
Project conceived by Celia Fenn and Johann Kotze
Consciousness Music…
Music by Johann Kotze from Being Ambient Music

Celia Fenn – writer, channel and spiritual facilitator and Johann Kotze – yoga teacher and musician created this album to help everyone become Conscious of Who We Are and to Remember our Cosmic Soul heritage.

We stand on the threshold of a Major Transformation of our Planet and Ourselves. The Angelic Beings of Light known as the Dolphin Masters or Dolphin Angels, are here to assist us. These ones are the Higher Aspects of the Beloved Dolphins that we know in our Oceans. Their home is the Cosmic Ocean of Starlight, and they come to assist our shift into Higher Consciousness.

Video material edited from the documentary “Deep Blue”.

Portal Of Perceptions

oskaarao2004·62 videos

01 Ishq – Aphrodite
02 Makyo – Jasmine
03 Adham Shaikh – Ohm (Transfix Mix)
04 Aes Dana – Haze (Celestial Mix)
05 Androcell – Caribbeyond
06 Cell – Twisted Sun
07 Androcell – Fungus Garden (Acoustic Mix)
08 H.U.V.A. Network – Rain Geometries (Solar Fields Remix)
09 Ishq – El Morya

Mixed by A3s Dana.
Label: Celestial Dragon Records.

Aes Dana – Haze

NeoMorpheous – Carbon Based Lifeforms – Interconnected Conscioussness Mix

Neomorpheous90·28 videos

A journey into the InnerPlanetary Conscioussness!

Download link:…
01.Carbon Based Lifeforms – Epicentre (First Movement)
02.Carbon Based Lifeforms – 20 Minutes
03.Carbon Based Lifeforms – Comsat
04.Carbon Based Lifeforms – Supersede
05.Carbon Based Lifeforms – Tensor
06.Carbon Based Lifeforms – Hydroponic Garden
07.Carbon Based Lifeforms – Polyrytmi
08.Carbon Based Lifeforms – MOS 6581
09.Carbon Based Lifeforms – Abiogenesis
10.Carbon Based Lifeforms – Reaktion
11.Carbon Based Lifeforms – Vortex
12.Carbon Based Lifeforms – Interloper
13.Carbon Based Lifeforms – Euphotic
14.Carbon Based Lifeforms – Init
15.Carbon Based Lifeforms – Somewhere In Russia

Galactic Winds by Robert Carty, from Starlight Volume 2

Eric Meece·45 videos

This masterpiece from 2009 is track 1 from the second in his series called “Starlight,” inspired by the magical experience of long nights of stargazing. This warm, flowing and spectacular space music conveys the peace that comes from a galactic perspective. The first 7 pictures, after the album and artist shots, are by Carty, from his deep sky images site. The remainder were created by artists who uploaded to the yahoo flickr website, including Levi Boree, Daniel Holeman, and many others. My kudos to them.
Info about this album and dozens of others by Robert Carty at
or at
See my list of new age and ambient favorites at
Music and album art copyright 2009 by Robert Carty.

Song for Athene – Westminster Abbey Choir

H0LLYW00DY·61 videos

Song for Athene, by John Tavener, Westminster Abbey Choir

“Song for Athene is another elegiac tribute, not, as one might suppose, to the mythological goddess Athene, but to a young family friend, Athene Hariades, half Greek, a talented actress who was tragically killed in a cycling accident. “Her beauty,” write Tavener, “both outward and inner, was reflected in her love of acting, poetry, music and of the Orthodox Church.” Tavener had heard Athene reading Shakespeare in Westminster Abbey and, rather as in the case of the Little Requiem, conceived the piece after her funeral, lighting on the effective ideas, so touchingly realized, of combining words from the Orthodox liturgy with lines from Hamlet. Between each is a monodic “Alleluia”, and, following the example of traditional Byzantine music, the whole piece unfolds over a continuous “ison” or drone.

Song for Athene perfectly exemplifies that inner serenity, purity and radiance which gives Tavener’s music its consolatory attraction in troubled times. ” Richard Steinitz

The song in this video was recordered at Westminster Abbey in July of 1994, as is why I chose various photographs surrounding London’s Westminster Abbey.

Song for Athene was cast heavily into the spotlight on September 6th, 1997. Millions of people, the world over, would hear this piece for the first time as the flag-draped casket of the late Diana, Princess of Wales, was carried out of Westminster Abbey, destined to its final resting place at Althorp, north of London.

A Journey to Agartha (Inner Earth)

Venusio777·37 videos

The interior of the Earth is not a mass of molten rock as Earth scientists believe. It is hollow and resembles a tennis ball in structure with the crust being 300 miles thick on average. At the center of the Earth is a softly glowing plasma based Sun that provides a permanent twilight atmosphere and constant 78 degrees Fahrenheit for the many Christed advanced civilizations who have lived inside The Hollow Earth for many millenniums. Indeed, nearly all planetary races live “inside” their planet and not on the tumultuous surface as the fallen race of Earth does. The Hollow Earth permanently resembles a semi-tropical paradise at twilight. There is no night, no wind, no rain, no snow, no cold, and no desert. All water needs are met by the countless crystal clear rivers and lakes found throughout The Hollow Earth. Many “Surface Dwellers” have accidentally stumbled into The Hollow Earth and met the advanced beings living there, dined with them, witnessed and experienced their incredibly advanced technology first hand, and related their adventures upon returning to the surface of Earth. Not surprisingly, most Earthlings did not believe their stories. And in ALL military cases the individual was ordered to remain “silent” or else! (see Admiral Byrd).

From what I have gathered the inner sun does not burn it reflects the suns light and is charged by it like a giant battery. The earth can also be compared to a dynamo. Also think of an atom and how it works, the earth is very similar. Atoms, planets, solar systems, galaxies are all expressing the same principles.

Science still has its blinders on, and its tunnel vision prevents it from seeing the truth hidden in plain sight. All knowledge of what lies inside our planet is wholly based on seismography which is not a complete exact science for scientists are still perplexed by anomalies such as the shadow zone which sometimes appears in seismography. What they think is a fluid rotating around our earth center is actually a very thick atmosphere which behaves in a very fluidic way. It is a type of fluidic plasma not lava which is received and reflected from our Sun. Tesla plasma spheres are an excellent model of this.

Sarah Brightman – No One Like You ( Underwater)

Natalie Ballard·55 videos


In your eyes are my secrets that I’ve never shown you
In my heart I feel I’ve always known you
In your arms there’s a comfort that I never knew
You’re what I’ve been waiting for, there’s no one like you

Sure as the sunrise, pure as a prayer
You fashioned hope right out of thin air
Ev’ry dream I abandoned, seems it could come true
I believe in miracles, there’s no one like you

Innocent as a newborn in a world so fright’ning
It’s as if my world’s been struck by lightning
Ev’ry dream I abandoned, seems it could come true
I believe in miracles, there’s no one like you

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