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Solfeggio – Tuning Forks

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Set of 9 Solfeggio tuning forks demonstrated.

In the first half I visually demonstrate each fork individually, In the second half, thru the magic of editing, i pair up all possible 2 fork combinations to hear the diads, then I throw in a few 3 and 4 note chords finishing with all 9 forks sounding simultaneously.

Six main notes and corresponding benefits:

396 Hz – Releasing emotional patterns and the liberation of guilt and fear.

417 Hz – Breaking up crystallized emotional patterns and facilitatiog change.

528 Hz – Association with “DNA integrity” transformation, love and miracles.

639 Hz – Whole brain quadrant interconnectedness/connecting relationships.

741 Hz – Intuitive states, non linear knowing and awakening intuition.

852 Hz –Unconditional love and returning to spiritual order.

The Solfeggio tones follow a mathematical pattern.

They increase by 111 Hz each note.*

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