Music Creation At The Consciousness Level

EbruTVEuropa·910 videos

No matter how you see music, you can’t deny its power to communicate. Now with Ebru TV, witness the Colors of Music–a series of evocative musical performances.

Colors of Music features renown soloists in choice sessions of their best work. Listen as these virtuosos play classical guitar, rebec, oud, and kemenche– accordion, qanun, saz, and zurna– duduk, clarinet, violin and more. On this program, you’ll hear rare and traditional instruments, soothing folk melodies, sophisticated classical interpretations, spiritual and devotional music, as well as stirring avant-garde compositions.

Colors of Music spends lavish care bringing each concert to screen. Breathtaking camerawork captures the subtle techniques and passionate intensity of every artist. It’s the kind of cinematic detail seldom seen in filmed performances, and one that will make your home viewing experience come alive. Some say its entertainment. For others, it’s an expression of the soul. With Colors of Music, enjoy a whole new spectrum of music television.

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