Music Creation At The Consciousness Level

Arnaud van Beek·34 videos

Complete album also available on CD or Download:… (more info…)

The UEM music is influenced by all known electronic musicians like Kitaro, Vangelis, Kraftwerk. Powerfull synthesizer music.

You here the songs in the following order:

UEM 3.0 (JMJ 3.0)
UEM 9.0 (Friendship)
UEM 2.0 (Desire for Life)
UEM 7.0 (Alive)
UEM 4.0 (Oxygene 4 Ultimate)
UEM 5.0 (Earth)
UEM 6.0 (Heavens Music)
UEM 8.0 (I am Free)
UEM 1.0 (Energy 2008)
UEM 10.0 (Mash Dance)

Composed and Produced by Arnaud van Beek
© 2013 AVB Music Productions

Powerfull electronic synthesizer music. Full Album HD. Jean Michel Jarre versus Vangelis


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